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PCHouseCallz has been making computer repairs since 1998. If you have a professional office and your work depends on the reliability of your computer system, you need a PC technician you know and trust. Preventative Maintenance and System Security are the keys to computer dependability. Your PC Technician must be familiar with your equipment, your network, your ISP and your vendor software. Let PCHouseCallz be your IT Specialist.


PCHouseCallz no longer does residential computer repairs. Commercial accounts only.

Vendor Software

Laptops are great. I absolutely love them, but hardware issues can be their kiss of death. If you drop them or spill coffee in them, you better be prepared to say "sayonara". The data in a damaged laptop might be saved, but most times your better off just getting a new one..

If it's a software issue or a virus, laptops can be restored the same as any other computer. They can also be upgraded with fresh new batteries, memory, hard drives and PCMCIA cards.

If you use your computer for business, you need your email, internet and company software to run right every time you turn it on. PCHouseCallz takes the time to become familiar with your software and can talk with your tech support when problems occur.


Real Estate, Medical Office, Databases, Sales, Appointments, EBay, Accounting, Image Processing, all sorts of software.

Broad Band, Networks, Servers and Printers too. Even Wireless....


That box full of wires and components under the desk... Wires coming out of the back, cables going everywhere. Monitors, Keyboards, Mice and Speakers. Hard Drives, CDRW's, Modems, USB's, PDA's, DVD's, Internal thingy's, External thingy's, Ports, Hubs, Routers, Surge Protectors, and don't forget the UPS. (Uninterruptible Power Supply).

Lightning, Viruses, Hackers, Oxidation, Heat and Human Error all cause computers to crash. Sometimes components just get old and wear out. PCHouseCallz can get you up and running again.

Prices and Service Fees

>> Networking Service Call ...............$79.95 for the first hour, then $39.95/hr there after.<<

>> Desktop, Laptop Repairs..........$149.95 plus parts, includes free pick up and delivery.<< ( Usually takes 24 to 48 hours depending on availability of parts.) 


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